Pastor Shelby Moon

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DateServiceSpeakerTitle Scripture Text
04/13/14 Evening Shelby Moon "I Will Bring Distress To Ariel"
Isaiah 29:1-4
04/13/14 Morning Shelby Moon "He Is Just"
Zechariah 9:9-10
04/06/14 Evening Shelby Moon "This Also Comes From The Lord Of Hosts"
Isaiah 28:23-29
04/06/14 Morning Shelby Moon "We Have Left Everything"
Mark 10:28-31
03/30/14 Evening Matt Castillo "By His Words You Have Been Healed"
1 Peter 2:13-25
03/30/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Then Who Can Be Saved"
Mark 10:26-27
03/23/14 Evening Shelby Moon "I Lay In Zion A Stone" Part 2
Isiah 28:14-22
03/23/14 Morning Shelby Moon "How Hard It Is To Enter The Kingdom Of God"
Mark 10:23-25
03/16/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Sell All You Possess"
Mark 10:17-22
03/09/14 Evening Shelby Moon "I Lay In Zion A Stone"
Isiah 28:14-22
03/09/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Permit The Children To Come To Me"
Mark 10:13-16
03/02/14 Morning Shelby Moon ". . .And Marries Another. . ."
Mark 10:1-12 (Part IX)
02/23/14 Evening Shelby Moon "That They May Go And Stumble Backward"
Isiah 28:9-13
02/23/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Whoever Divorces . . . (Part II)"
Mark 10:1-12 (Part VIII)
02/16/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Whoever Divorces . . . (Part I)"
Mark 10:1-12 (Part VII)
02/09/14 Evening Shelby Moon "The Lord Of Hosts Will Become A Beautiful Crown"
Isiah 28:1-8
02/09/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Let No Man Separate"
Mark 10:1-12 (Part VI)
02/02/14 Evening Shelby Moon "I Will Not Drive Them Out Before You"
Judges 1:27-2:5
02/02/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Live In Harmony In The Lord"
Philippians 4:1-7
01/26/14 Morning Shelby Moon "I Had To Be In My Father's House"
Luke 2:41-52
01/19/14 Morning David Linden "Justification"
Romans 9:30-10:13
01/12/14 Evening Shelby Moon "He Shall Be Called A Nazarene"
Matthew 2:19-23
01/12/14 Morning Shelby Moon "Rachel Weeping For Her Children"
Matthew 2:16-18
01/05/14 Evening Shelby Moon "Out Of Egypt I Called My Son"
Matthew 2:13-15
01/05/14 Morning Shelby Moon "They Fell To The Ground And Worshiped Him"
Matthew 2:1-12